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1881 Capital Partners offers clients prudent
exposure to the broader digital asset ecosystem

Our Story

Meeting in their first year at the Wharton MBA program, Managing Partners Chris Smalley and Nitin Manivasagan quickly bonded over their perspectives on digital assets. Each brought unique insights from their past careers in finance and computer science. They knew that both industries would transform from digital assets and blockchain technology over the coming decades

They founded 1881 Capital Partners with this idea in mind and wanted education to be integral to their business so that clients understood the value of this transformative technology. As an homage to their own education, "1881" was the year that Wharton was founded (and a palindrome - a nod to cryptography). Education and transparency remain core to their values as the 1881 Capital team hopes to shed light on this cryptic technology

Our Investment Approach


Long-term outperformance through fundamental research and diversification to high-caliber emerging digital asset protocols


Capture price appreciation of the digital asset sector over the coming decades, while minimizing the volatility inherent in an emerging asset class

Interdisciplinary Team

Diverse skill set spanning traditional wall street finance, computer science and software engineering, portfolio management, venture capital, and digital asset and DeFi experience

The New Evolution of the Internet

At 1881 Capital Partners, our mission is to empower our clients to harness the transformative potential of digital assets. We strive to maximize exposure to digital assets through our innovative strategy, creating an opportunity for our clients to participate in the growth potential of the industry